Oh, what a privilege it is to be a part of your loved-up celebration! I want to capture your event as it happens — there’s no need to stage photo moments, because all the best ones are happening naturally during your day.


You’ve put a lot of thought into this party - it aligns with your values and reflects who you two are as a gorgeous couple. That’s why I’m so excited to snap all those personal elements, from your bright red lipstick to the tiny flowers in your hair, from the family bustling in the kitchen to the sparkly lights strung above the dance floor.


You might be following family traditions, or creating new ones of your own as a couple. Either way, these are the deeply emotional moments of life – and the super fun ones! Let’s get sentimental, shed happy tears, ensure the champagne is flowing and the dance floor pumping, then relive it all again with images that capture all the little details and big emotions.